SMTP/E-mail Protocol

The SMTP/E-mail interface is ideal for sending SMS messages from applications that already support outgoing mail.

This interface converts mail to SMS and sends it to the end user. Sending an SMS message is done by sending e-mail to: <phonenumber>

Method #1: Direct connection to mailserver:

Connect directly to our smtp (e-mail) server at and authenticate with your username and password. Send an e-mail to <phonenumber> or <phonenumber>. The body of the e-mail is converted to a SMS and sent to <phonenumber>. Other parameters like the sending number or alphanumeric (text) sender number, as well as premium rate charge, can be supplied in the subject of the email. Supports multiple recipients.

Method #2: Routed e-mail

Send an e-mail to <phonenumber> Add a subject: username=xxx password=xxx from=xxx. The body will be sent as SMS.

Subject parameters

Additional parameters may be supplied in the subject of the e-mail.

usernameYour username (only needed for routed e-mails)
passwordYour password (only needed for routed e-mails)
fromSender number. Shortcode, number or alphanumeric
pricePremium rate
toThe recipient phone number may be specified in the subject instead of the email address. Use the email address and subject: to=xxx

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