Telephone Directory

This API may be used for looking up name and address information for phone numbers.

Supported countries: Norway

API Endpoints

The TeletopiaSMS Number Information Lookup Service is a HTTP based API available as HTTPS (SSL encrypted) as well as HTTP. We recommend using HTTPS whenever possible as HTTP is mainly provided for compatibility with older systems.

Should the primary end-point become unreachable, we have backup end-points available. We encourage the Content Providers to design their systems to switch URL's whenever they lose connection. Do not try to load-balance by sending round robin or random. Use secondary as a fallback if primary fails.

The available end-points are:

HTTPS primary
HTTPS secondary
HTTPS tertiary
Insecure primary
Insecure secondary
Insecure tertiary


Requests may be made using either method POST or GET, but POST is preferred.

Example Request

$ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d "username=XXXX&password=XXXX&number=47XXXXXXXX"
    "sector": "P",
    "firstName": "Ola",
    "lastName": "Nordmann",
    "address": "Storgata",
    "postalCode": "0161",
    "city": "Oslo",
    "numbers": [

Request Parameters

usernameGateway username
passwordGateway password
numberPhone number to look up


The response to the request is a JSON object containing the information listed below, or null, if no information is found for the number.

The response will be of type Content-Type: application/json with a HTTP status code 200 for all successfull requests.

Response Parameters

sectorP/BP for private and B for business
firstNamePFirst name of person
middleNamePMiddle name of person
lastNamePLast name of person
companyNameBCompany name
addressP/BRegistered address of person or business
postalCodeP/BRegistered postal code of person or business
cityP/BRegistered city of person or business
numbersP/BAll known phone numbers for this person or business

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