Reach people all around the world

We deliver SMS messages to most countries and provide several options for integrating SMS messages into your own solutions.

Integrate our SMS gateway services in your own solutions. We offer a wide range of gateway APIs including serveral HTTPS protocols, SMTP (e-mail) and SMPP.


Retrieving bulk price information.

Check the country restrictions and capabilities page for more information about each country.
Easy to use APIs

Our APIs will get you up running in no time.

We support several different protocols to make integrating with existing solutions easy.


SMPP is the industry standard for sending and receiving SMS with high throughput. Many out-of-the-box solutions arrive with support for this fast and featurefull API.

E-mail to SMS

Convert e-mail to SMS. Ideal for solutions that already support e-mail.

We support flexible configuration options to make this work with existing applications

Keep Your Customers Updated

Integrate our SMS gateway with your solution and use our API's to send alert and notifications to your customers.

Two factor authentication

Our SMS gateway APIs are a good solution for two-factor authentication. Send PIN codes to your users to verify phone numbers and logins.

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Teletopia Interactive AS has a long history of providing SMS services to Norwegian and international businesses. We have direct connections to all operators in Norway, and we work close with partners in other nordic countries, and we have extensive international routing options.

Contact us for any questions, orders or demos.

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